Rick's Blog

September 6, 2016

Road Trip!

Off on a road trip to Croatia for some deeper warm water diving. Owing to travel difficulty with baggage allowances a group of us decided to drive this year. Seemed like a good idea at […]
August 18, 2016

HMS Boadicea, Warrior Queen

  Sometimes it is difficult to appreciate links with past events. As divers when we dive wrecks we are in a very privileged position in which to see a snapshot of history. When a ship […]
August 3, 2016

Malta deep wreck diving

If you subscribe to DIVER magazine you should have seen my Malta deep wreck diving article in this months issue about diving French Liner Le Polynesien(Poly). I have a soft spot for this wreck which I first dived […]
June 22, 2016

Competition success!

I was really chuffed to get second place in this months BSoUP (British society of underwater photographers) competition. The theme was silhouettes, the competition was judged by Zac Macaulay. This is the image below, it was […]
June 22, 2016

A bit of Fresh Water

Fresh water dive sites provide useful venues for divers wanting to train, try out new kit, get back into diving after a break or dive when blown out elsewhere. It maybe just because they will go stir crazy if they don't get wet and it is too complicated to get to the sea. It can be difficult to always dive in the sea when you live some way from the coast. There are some divers who spend the majority of their underwater time in fresh water, inland fresh water dive sites provide a great amenity to the diving fraternity
June 10, 2016

Feasting off the Sea

The wildlife at this time of year is abundant everything is feasting & breeding, unfortunately this has also included the plankton. Signs of change are present, plankton is burning itself out, it is past the […]


Rick Ayrton learnt to dive with Clifton BSAC club, in the late 1980’s, and has been active club diver ever since. He was an early entrant into the world of technical diving receiving his first Trimix qualification in 1999. He took up rebreather diving in 2002, at the same time as his first steps into underwater photography; acquiring a second-hand Subal/Sony Hi8 video housing.

As rebreather experience increased, u/w video equipment was upgraded. Rick was asked to be involved as a cameraman on the Deep Wreck Mysteries TV series of historical underwater documentaries, this proved to be a challenging and rewarding experience and he is pleased to see that the series still gets regularly aired. Unfortunately no third series has been commissioned (yet).

More recently he developed a passion for still photography, he is a member of the Bristol Underwater Photo Group(BUPG) and the British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP). He has earned some success with his images , notably winning the Close up & Animal portrait category of the 2009 BSoUP splash in competition, in 2014 runner-up in the same competition for the wide angle category.

In the newly established British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship he was awarded Highly Commended in the 2015 wide angle category.

He has had images selected for display in the BSoUP print competitions, as well as intermittent success in monthly competitions for both the BUPG & BSoUP. Many of Rick’s images are used in O’Three’s publicity material.

Rick enjoys both close-up & wide angle underwater photography, but particularly enjoys the challenge of taking images of wrecks and happily admitting that getting good images of deep UK wrecks is a fickle process with many variables that he is still trying to master.

Alongside the photography Rick has contributed to several diving magazines, 990, Sport Diver, Scuba & Diver magazine, he enjoys telling the story behind the wrecks that often feature in his articles.

He remains an active member of the CliftonSAC currently holding the position of club President. He will equally enjoy taking his rebreather & camera on a shallow scenic dive as much as on a deep wreck, his diving year is split between deep wreck diving, club trips(which can be to any destination) & photographic trips. The majority of his diving is in UK waters but usually will take in a couple of weeks overseas each year.

Off the water Rick enjoys skiing and mountain biking and travelling in his VW California campervan with his wife Helen.