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Gail Jenkinson is a Director of Photography working in Natural history, Documentary and Specialist factual. She bases herself between Bristol and NYC and works both below and above the water.

After learning to dive recreationally, Gail worked for many years as a camera assistant with an array of inspirational diving cameramen and presenters both in the UK and overseas. First working underwater for the BBC with presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff, when obviously she noticed her special purple O’Three drysuit!

Gail was entered into the prestigious book of dive planning belonging to dive contractor and all round dive guru Richard Bull. Those early days were wonderful for her to be advised and influenced by “the best in the business” and recommends that pathway to many an aspiring underwater camera operator.

Gail’s career in underwater filming has been side by side with her filming on the land for productions for the BBC – Blue Planet 2, Earth’s Wildest Waters and Discovery’s Adrift – 47 days with Sharks and has been fortunate to film in all 7 continents. Most recently Gail has been out in the wilds of Alaska filming for Discovery’s Gold Rush White Water. Working underwater in the glacial flow of a fast running river proved to be a vast learning curve, like nothing she’s dived before, but very much hopes to again, the adrenalin rush was intense!

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