Recycling is a big focus for O’Three.
We actively recycle as much waste as we possibly can.

At O’Three we are very aware of the consequences to the planet and it’s wildlife that dumping waste can cause, which is why we focus on recycling.

Every member of the team constantly thinks about everything we do and actively endeavours to minimise the amount of waste we generate, as well as making sure that anything that can be recycled is recycled… right down to the empty milk cartons used.

On average we send nearly 1 tonne of waste a year to be recycled.

Other by-product waste generated is also scrutinised and actively looked at for alternate use rather than sending to landfill. For example the packaging our stock is delivered in, along with any neoprene off cuts, is used by local Engineering companies as recycled packaging.

We even supply local schools with soft polystyrene, neoprene and cardboard as craft and CDT materials.

There is no away – because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible. When you cast it into the ocean, there is no away.

Sir David Attenborough

David Attenborough

We support many initiatives that are trying to clean up our oceans. One of our fantastic and extremely pro-active ambassadors, Paul Rose (BBC Oceans) is Patron of Plastic Oceans Foundation who are doing a great job highlighting the issues surrounding plastic waste.

Plastic Oceans Foundation
I’ve been diving the world’s oceans for over 40 years – and plastic waste is an increasing problem, It’s out there in the ecosystem, getting into the foodchain, harming wildlife. As a ‘top of the foodchain’ predator myself, goodness knows what it might be doing to me.

Paul Rose