Solid reliability built around a suit packed with quality and features.

Material and seam integrity is where O’Three starts with all its dry suits. Using the same high end components and our super supple neoprene seals, the Port 10 Drysuit is equipped to withstand the rigours of commercial diving, whilst appealing to the newly qualified diver

Comfortable to wear all day



Realiability packed with quality and features

Complete and ready to dive from £945

New to Dry Suits

Entry Level Recreational

The Port 10 was built with the commercial diver very much in mind.

This pedigree and build specification will ensure you get a dry suit that will perform and give you value for money long after the purchase price is forgotten.

The Port 10, a neoprene dry suit that offers a good degree of built in insulation and buoyancy creating a comfortable user friendly suit that can be worn for long periods of time

Time is Money

Commercial Diver

As with every aspect of commercial life ‘time is money’ and when the majority of that time is being spent underwater the ability to control cost is made all the more difficult. Robust and reliable equipment are a pre-requisite of any professional organisation.

The Port 10 Drysuit is equipped to deal with a wide selection of commercial diving. However, a multitude of customisation / reinforcement options specific to a particular type of job can be carried out to any O’Three dry suit. Please call and we will be happy to discuss all options and quote accordingly.

The Port 10 -


  • Material – 4.5mm Dive Grade Neoprene
  • Armatex lined externally
  • BDM Heavy Duty Zip – Added durability
  • Sandwich zip construction
  • External Zip Guard – Additional protection to that all important zip
  • Triple glued and blind stitched
  • Cargo 25 Pocket
  • Seams – Nylon backed neoprene taped internally
  • Boot – 6mm Heavy Duty dry boot
  • Wrists – Neoprene pressure fit wrist seals
  • Neck – Super supple neoprene neck seal
Complete & ready to dive from £945

An off the peg suit with the following adjustments included:

  • Seal tweaks.
  • Boot change.
  • Leg shortening.

Your suit comes complete with the following:

  • 75l Dry Bag
  • Vented Semi-dry hood
  • Jollop wrist seal lube
  • Bees Wax
  • Zip Slip
Drysuit fitting in your own home
an O'Three ``Off the peg - Made to fit`` Drysuit here...

To help O’Three ascertain whether
you are an “Off the Peg – Made to Fit” size
and the type of adjustments that might be required,
please fill in our quick online measurement form.

Go to Quick Measurement Form

Customising your Port10

These options are available at additional cost.

cargo-25 pocket

Click for a larger image

Cargo 25

  • Dimensions 22cm x 16cm x 7cm (Approx 2.5L)
  • HD Velcro Closure
  • Compact when empty
  • Hidden Slate Pocket
  • 2x D-Rings
  • Self Draining
Cargo 30

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Cargo 30

  • Dimensions – 24cm x 18cm x 7cm (Approx 3L)
  • HD Velcro Closure
  • Compact when Empty
  • Hidden slate pocket
  • 2x D-Rings
  • Self Draining
zipped pocket

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  • Dimensions – 28cm x 18cm x 6cm (Approx 3L)
  • 32cm Double opening Zip
  • Compact when Empty
  • Hidden slate pocket
  • 2x D-Rings
  • Self Draining
Slate Pocket

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  • Dimensions – 24cm x 18cm x 2cm
  • HD Velcro Closure
  • Low Profile
  • D-Ring
  • Self Draining
HD Boot

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HD Boot

  • Super warm contoured foot.
  • Strengthened sole combining an ergonomically reinforced upper and heel.
  • Built in fin stop.
Pivot Boot

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Pivot Boot

  • A 3.5mm high density boot.
  • Contoured foot and reinforced sole.
  • Ergonomically shaped with strap down ankles.
  • Built in fin stop.
Soft Sock

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Soft Sock

2.5mm Ri material. A soft sock option may be a solution for some, but please be aware; this system can create other issues.

If you would prefer this option on your off the peg suit, it will add an additional small cost.

Please call for more details – +44 (01305) 822820

Apeks Sea Tec

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Low Profile Swivel Suit Inflation Unit and Hose

Apeks robust and totally reliable inflation valve features an extra large recessed push-button allowing easy operation.

The smooth back plate gives protection from uncomfortable pressure loads and helps prevent cold air blasts through underclothing.

The valve sits low on the chest making it less prone to snagging.

The 360° rotation is a key feature of this valve to meet your personal hose configuration.

Comes complete with a 29″ (74cm) long medium pressure hose, with the more universal Seatec coupling.

Apeks Valve

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Low Profile Automatic Dump Valve

The most technically advanced and reliable automatic dump valve available.

Correctly adjusted, the valve gives effortless yet controlled hands free ascent as expanding air automatically vents from your dry suit.

Equipped with a manual over-ride system allowing you to vent the suit completely without disturbing your personal buoyancy setting.

This valve has the lowest profile with optimum dump rate.

It has an improved ratchet feel and is ergonomically designed for ease of use

Dump Valve

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Original Automatic Dump Valve

Functions in exactly the same way as the Low Profile version.

For Re-breather users, with front mounted counter lungs, this valve will be easier to reach.

This valve can be supplied with a higher break pressure approximately twice that of the original, this higher break valve adds an additional small charge.

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Carbon Braided Hose

This high end hose features an external nylon safety braiding designed to resist the snags and abrasions that divers can often encounter.

The double braiding also resists UV rays out of the water, thus extending the lifespan of the hose.

Can be supplied with either Seatec or std Apeks coupling.

This hose comes as standard on the ccn range, for other suits there will be a small charge.

Allowing you to answer the call of nature without having to remove your suit above and below the water.

Female friendly when used in conjunction with the ‘SheWee Go’

Download Advanced P-valve brochure

Advanced P-Valve

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A 25cm Medium Weight BDM dry zip, laminated into a separate panel, then glued, blind stitched and sealed.

Allows you to answer the call of nature on the surface without having to remove your suit.

Sorry men only.

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Kubi O'Three

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Kubi O'Three

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Kubi O'Three

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Kubi O'Three

Click for larger image

Kubi O'Three

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Kubi O'Three

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We have been working with manufacturers of Dry Glove systems and particularly Kubi so that they work perfectly with our neoprene wrist seals.

Due to various dry glove systems available and ways of fitting them to our suits please contact one of the team discuss the options –
+44 (0)1305 822820.

As with a front entry dry suit a hood attached system will tick some boxes, but will create one or two negatives.

Increased warmth and reduced flushing are the real benefits, however equalisation and neck seal setting is made harder.

Removal of the hood is obviously not an option when the weather improves.

There are several options available and you may have a preference, please call and we will be very happy to discuss those options in more detail –
+44 (0) 1305 822820

Made To MeasureAlthough made to measure is the ultimate way to have a suit made, at certain times of the year long lead times have to be considered. If you need a quicker completion, please consider the “off the peg – made to fit” options that are available on all O’Three suits.

The three key stages to O’Three’s customisation Made to Measure process. There are many factors that need to be considered when purchasing a made to measure dry suit. However, certain build parameters must always be adhered to.

Types of diving and individuals perception of just how a suit should fit can vary hugely. O’Three will always guide and advise on how we feel a suit should be tailored and customised, but ultimately, it is down to each person.

To ensure this 100% customisation is achieved, we always insist, where possible a fitting is done before your suit is complete. It is at this stage any adjustments that need to be made to the fit of your suit can simply and easily be done with no compromise to the integrity of any seam. Exact position of all components, valves, pockets etc are then discussed and marked onto your suit.

This might seem like a long winded way but it works. We feel this is the only way you can truly achieve a genuinely customised suit.

Stage 1: Choose Your Suit.

Either online, over the phone or in the shop. Get measured, decide on materials, seal combinations and colour ways at this first step.

If you choose to do any of the above remotely O’Three will always be pleased to guide you through this process. It’s not really that difficult as long as you remember some basic points as detailed in the measurement form section of this website. Please call if not 100% sure

Stage 2: The Fitting

This is the most important and critical stage of production. We know it’s a big ask, but it is at this stage, where every effort must be made to try and come down to our workshops here in beautiful Portland, Dorset, UK. We call this “a fitting”. This fitting date is given when you place your order.

Stage 3: Completion

After stage two, you will be given a completion date for collection or despatch of your new suit. Normally two working weeks after your fitting.

As well as the full specification above, the cost of your suit includes many customising options, some of which are listed below.

A choice of:

  • Material Combinations
  • Customised Tailoring
  • Knee Pads
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Valve Options
  • Hose Options
  • Two Pockets
  • Reflective’s
  • Braces (if required)
  • Boot / Soft Sock
  • Zip Weight
  • Zip Guard
  • Seals

Other options are available at additional cost.

  • P-Zip
  • P-Valve
  • High Profile Auto, break pressure x2
  • Commercial reinforcements
  • Additional valves
  • Extra Pockets
  • Hood Attached
  • Dry Glove Systems
MensHeightWeightChestWaistHipInside LegBoots
Small5’5" - 5’7"
165 - 170cm
9.5 - 10.5stn
60 - 67kg
36" - 38"
92 - 97cm
29" - 31"
74 - 79cm
34" - 36"
86 - 91cm
40 - 42
Medium5’7" - 5’9"
170 - 175cm
10.5 - 11.5stn
67 - 73kg
38" - 40"
97 - 101cm
31" - 33"
79 - 84cm
36" - 38"
91 - 97cm
42 - 43
Medium Large5’9 - 5"11’
175 - 180cm
12 - 13.5stn
76 - 86kg
40" 42"
101 - 107cm
33" - 35"
84 - 89cm
38" - 40"
97 - 101cm
42 - 43
Large5’11" - 6’1"
180 - 186cm
13.5 - 15stn
86 - 95kg
42" - 44"
107 - 112cm
35" - 37"
40" - 42"
101 - 107cm
9 - 10
43 - 44
Extra Large6’1" - 6’3"
185 - 190cm
14.5 - 16stn
95 - 106kg
44" - 46"
112 - 117cm
37" - 39"
42" - 44"
107 - 112cm
10 - 11
44 - 45
Extra Extra Large6’3" - 6’5"
190 - 195cm
16.5 - 19stn
105 - 121kg
46" - 48"
117 - 122cm
39" - 41"
44" - 46"
112 - 117cm
11 - 12
45 - 46