Hailing from Belgium, Vic Verlinden began diving in 1975. Quickly embracing technical diving, he is an accomplished CCR diver who is equally at home exploring new cave passages or discovering deep wrecks of historical significance.

In 1993, Vic Verlinden discovered – and became the first person to explore – the wreck of the previously undiscovered East India trader, ‘Roompot’, a homeward bound vessel that sank in the North Sea in 1853 and had never before been dived.

A gifted underwater photographer specialising in images of deep wrecks, his pictures and articles have appeared in diving publications around the world. The author of two books – one on Diving for gold and art treasures, and the other about diving on war wrecks.

Vic Verlinden is also co-founder of the not-for-profit organisation, the ‘Wreck Dive Team’ that organises and participates in various diving expeditions to photograph and film unique diving locations around the world.