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Currently the Gili Islands in Indonesia is experiencing a rapid growth in technical diver training as well as becoming popular with certified divers visiting to dive our deep wall systems off the coast of Lombok. Diving here is year round with excellent conditions underwater, good visibility and general temperatures range from 18-28 degrees depending on depth. The underwater topography lends itself to deep diving with the walls and ridges dropping vertically down to depths exceeding 150m with fantastic coral growth and an abundance of marine life.

We are diving almost everyday out here throughout the year training divers on both open and closed circuit in the 45m to 100m depth range with more experienced divers being guided down to 130m, in addition we are working on our own projects currently in the 160m range which we will be extending deeper once adequate experience is gained. Between the 3 of us we average around 180 certifications per year.

All this combined means we do around 250 technical dives a year each, of which a considerable amount are deeper than 60m with numerous excursions past 100m.

As a result our exposure protection takes a pretty solid beating due the the pressures exposed to as well as the frequency of these dives, therefore an excellent proving ground for a product designed for this type of diving.

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Each member of the Indo XR team uses the following O’Three kit (click to view):

About Us

The Team

Samuel Mason

Originally from the UK, Samuel has spent the last 5 years training technical divers on the reefs and walls of Indonesia’s Lombok Strait and the 3 Gili’s.

Specialising in CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) Samuel is an Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor through Technical Diving International and regularly trains and dives to depths of 100m and greater throughout the year.

When not teaching Samuel is actively exploring the areas’ deep wall systems; laying guidelines for future deep diving projects; and collecting data on the local Thresher Shark habits and population.

‘Mexican’ Dani Moreno

I grew up in a small village in the middle of Pyrenees. I have Always been interested in nature and extreme sports. It wasn’t until 2004 while I was studying Biology and Environmental Science that I did my Open Water Course, at the beginning going underwater it was just another hobby and another way to explore a new world.

Ten years later, when I arrived in Indonesia I found that this hobby could be a way to life. I became a dive professional to be able to learn more, but quickly I realized that this sport could go beyond the recreational limits, and this was what opened a new challenge for me, aiming to go deeper and go where nobody has been, without knowing what could we find there.

For the last 5 years I have been teaching diving and doing deep dives around Gili Islands. Being part of a group of technical divers with a goal to explore and set up new deep dive sites.

Parallel to that, my passion for marine life it comes, trying to find a pattern of what, when and how to find some of the stuff, especially recently with frequent encounters with thresher sharks, who knows…we will need to keep diving deeper and longer to find them.

Mans Olsson

Måns Olsson moved to Gili in 2015 after finishing private contracting work in the horn of Africa. He decided he wanted a career and lifestyle change and found the Gili islands. His background of having served in the Swedish Army/Navy is what pushed him into technical diving, as he found the mindset and the order of things was very close to his previous profession.

Måns is an Advanced Trimix diver both open circuit and closed circuit as well as full cave and wreck diver. He teaches TDI open circuit courses up to Trimix level specializing in Sidemount configuration. He also teaches JJ-Closed Circuit Rebreather courses.

Måns has previously been working and diving in both Malta and Mexico where his passion for wrecks and caves comes well in hand. He believes that not everyone is born to be a good technical diver, but with the right training and attitude you can develop a technical mindset. And if you do, your possibilities in diving are endless.