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Jake grew up on Pen Llŷn, North Wales and coming from a maritime family meant that from a young age the underwater world and marine life have played a major role in his life. 

Some of his earliest memories is waking up before sunrise to head out fishing with his father before school. As Jake grew older his time above and below water increased as he learned to Scuba Dive. Still based on Pen Llŷn he’s out most days on and under the water exploring the variety of dive sites and observing the diverse habitats along the North Wales coast.

His interest in marine life and the sea led to him studying Marine Biology at Bangor University where he has been part of numerous scientific surveys from Seagrass to sharks. He works as the project coordinator for Angel Shark Project: Wales, a project lead by the Zoological Society of London and Natural Resources Wales which aims to better understand the Critically Endangered Angelshark off the Welsh Coast. Where he was the first to record underwater footage of the species of the UK.

Over the years he has worked closely with the charity Project Seagrass assisting in numerous seagrass surveys inter-tidally and sub-tidally. He has recently become a trustee of the charity.

Jake is qualified as a HSE Professional Scuba diver for Scientific and media purposes. Recreationally qualified as a BSAC Dive Leader where he dives regularly dive as part of the Llyn Sub-Aqua Club

As a media diver, Jake has worked as part of numerous dive teams as a safe diver for programmes such as the BBC One Show, BBC Wales Hidden Wales with Will Millard and BBC Wonders of the Celtic Deep.

He is also the Co-Director of the Welsh based Underwater filming Dive Team Dan Dŵr Cymru with fellow divers Lloyd Jones (Kraken Productions) and Ollie Putnam (ollie Putnam Cinematography). Where the team have filmed for S4Cs ‘Pobl y Môr‘ – SLAM Media’ and ‘Cynefin‘ – RONDO Media.

As a underwater camera operator and drone pilot, footage filmed off the Welsh Coast, as well as the Canary Islands, has been featured for a variety of BBC programmes such as BBC Countryfile, BBC Wales Land of the Wild (Secrets & After Dark), ITV Coast & Country, S4C Heno

He has also appeared on numerous TV programmes in both English and Welsh for the work he does and creating pieces for BBC Countryfile, ITV Coast & Country, S4C’s Heno. To further share his passion he also shares written content through online articles, magazines and has contributed to the Wild & Temperate Seas book written by Will Appleyard.

Through sharing underwater videos and photos online through his social media accounts he hopes to inspire people to go beneath the waves to see some of the amazing and unique wildlife/habitats that are found beneath the waves along the Welsh Coast. Also through using technology making the underwater world more accessible for all.

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February 2, 2022

Wales Best of the West

  Often people think that diving the UK waters are dark, cold and gloomy however, this is often true for the winter months but in the Summer the coast comes alive with often crystal clear […]