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December 18, 2019
Maya Plass Marine Biological Association

Head of Communications at the Marine Biological Association

Very happy to announce that I will be starting this new role as Head of Communications at the Marine Biological Association in February of next year. 💙 From the Marine Biological Association website: The […]
September 6, 2018

BBC Inside Out…

In case you missed it, our fantastic ambassador and marine ecologist Maya Plass was on BBC's Inside Out on Monday discussing human interaction with the grey seals off the Devon Coast UK.
April 17, 2017

Red Sea, April 2017 with Blue o Two

started diving many moons ago…when I was 18 years old. Since then it is only really in the last 4 years that I have had the time and ability to take up this sport in earnest. Joining my Totnes BSAC club I have loved exploring the Devonshire and Cornish coast with my dive buddies. I have never been disappointed with British diving. It might be inconsistent thanks to UK weather and issues with visibility and plankton blooms but I love it all the same. It always provides interesting scenes, new species that I haven’t seen before and a great community to share your experiences with.
October 20, 2016

Solace Stones – Circle of Life

SOLACE STONES ARTICLE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN DIVER MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2016 In the world of science, we talk about “ecological succession”. This is a rather dry and unattractive term to describe something quite beautiful. Ecological succession […]
March 12, 2015

Wickes Video

From Wickes: Some people can’t help but go the extra mile. It’s just in their nature. They will push the boundaries of possibility on every project, be it professional or personal. At Wickes, we like […]
March 5, 2015


…not much in the last few months due to the hard storms hitting our coast. However, we’ll be back in soon and I will be completing my Dive Leader qualification through my Totnes BSAC club. […]