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December 18, 2019
Do you know where those scallops came from?
January 15, 2020

Wild Atlantic Outdoors….

Wild Atlantic Outdoors Ri 2-100

We had some great photos sent in by Ciaran Lennon from Wild Atlantic Outdoors with a fantastic review of our Ri 2-100 drysuit and PBB baselayers

I finally made it sailing up to Greenland this year and wanted to thank you and the O’Three team for your support. Undoubtedly the RI 2-100 performed excellently and I was actually a little too warm with the layering of the PBB Extreme and PBB (without the top) in the sub-zero water temperatures. I was glad to wearing O’Three equipment in that extreme environment and It will be great to tell the stories to my future dive students.



I hoped to have had more photographs taken of the equipment in use but the documentary held most priority and a couple of drones with footage didn’t like the polar environment, failed and are somewhere below a glacier now. I hope that some of the photos that survived are some use to you.









Dave looks after the graphic stuff at O'Three... excited by design and photography, he loves nothing better than working with Sean to make products and marketing materials look good. Diving since the age of 14 with BSAC and PADI he has dived some weird kit from a Siebe 6 Bolt to a WW2 'Clammy Death Suit'!

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