Used and abused in 2017 : 3x3mm one piece wet suit

January 3, 2018
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January 12, 2018

Used and abused in 2017 : 3x3mm one piece wet suit

Somehow I managed to spend a fair of time in 2017 in tropical or warm water environments, so O’Three’s 3mm one piece wet suit came out of the bag and was put through its paces – and what a suit it proved to be.  I put the missus in one too in order to test “his & hers” properly.  We decided that diving through a layer of hydrogen sulphate at 30 metres in the 55 metre deep Cenote Angelita, Mexico would be a good place to start.  We emerged from the spooky green layer still wearing the suits, however I wouldn’t advise staying in such a place for too long!

A proper set of knee pads sets this garm’ aside from other suits of similar thickness I’ve used in the past, along with decent taped seams throughout the interior.  I have however managed to twice accidentally punch myself in the face while pulling this wet suit on, however I don’t think that O’Three can be held responsible for that.

The rubbery “mesh torso” chest and back panel assists with faster drying of the suit and improves protection against wind chill top side too.  It’s also offers a bit of extra grip whilst leaning over the side of a boat when fishing your other half’s gear out of the water.

The neck seal hasn’t been overlooked either, with a neat band of rubber preventing flushing during your dive, together with a hefty flap of the same material down the back zipper.  I guess though, if you’re a wet suit wee-er, then you might want to remember this before leaving the water.

After 20 or so dives in this suit through caves, caverns, swim throughs and of course the treatment it gets onboard the boat – so far it has survived a bit of a beating and with hardly a scratch to speak of.  It might need a bit of a rinse however… 3 X 3 GBS One Piece Wetsuit

Will Appleyard
Will Appleyard
Will Appleyard is a diver who has a passion for the waters of the UK and he communicates his enthusiasm through his photography and writing. His first book - "Discover UK Diving" has become a best seller and together with his second book - "Dorset Dives" has raised awareness to many dive sites off the south coast. Will also regularly contributes to DIVER magazine.

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