Testimonial from a Commercial Diver…

February 2, 2018
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February 7, 2018

Testimonial from a Commercial Diver…

Chris Calero - Commercial Diver - Port 10

I have been a commercial diver for twenty two years. I primarily work in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The water temperature here averages around 48 degrees Fahrenheit–ideal dry suit diving temperatures. Over the years I have had many different types and brands of dry suits; vulcanized rubber, tri-laminate, crushed neoprene and regular neoprene. I have found that regular neoprene dry suits are ideal in terms of warmth, flexibility, abrasion resistance, ease of repair and value per cost.

Of all the different brands of neoprene dry suits I’ve owned I have been the most pleased with my Port 10 by O’Three. The quality and fit of the suit is excellent. Their customer service is fantastic! I had a zipper failure on a different brand of dry suit and needed a new dry suit quickly. I sent in an online order form to O’Three. I was contacted promptly by Josh with questions about my measurements. He expedited manufacture of my custom suit and I received it within a few weeks.

In addition I own an O’Three Aquatherm hot-water suit that I have also been very pleased with. I have been diving it doing Heliox dives in Lake Washington doing repair work to the floating bridges at depths up to 190’ fsw. It has held up well to the rigors of the work. I have been sharing my experiences with these suits with other commercial divers I work with and they have been impressed with the quality of the suits.

Dave looks after the graphic stuff at O'Three... excited by design and photography, he loves nothing better than working with Sean to make products and marketing materials look good. Diving since the age of 14 with BSAC and PADI he has dived some weird kit from a Siebe 6 Bolt to a WW2 'Clammy Death Suit'!

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