Red Sea, April 2017 with Blue o Two
April 17, 2017
Well done Sarah!
May 3, 2017


After a fab couple of days messing about underwater off the Dorset coast this weekend working on a DIVER mag feature, I decided to “pop” over to Devon to see what all the fuss was about in Plymouth.  I’ve only been diving there once before, many years ago and just to give the Scylla a go.

The vis was dreadful that day and I’d never really considered going back again. This weekend though I did tune into a friend banging on about some great vis reports they’d received, so I thought i’d better take a look.  Wow, what a place!

Why have I not been diving here (properly) before?  We were promised “10 metres of vis or your money back” (sort of) – well they can keep their money, because I think I counted 10.5!

Highlights of two splendid dives include – showing my diving partner Ana a pair of enormous congers on the boilers of the Persier (she’s scared of them) and exploring many of the deep gullies (or should I say crevasses) that make up Hillsea Point.

Now, i’m sure many people reading this will be saying – “yes Will, we know”.  However, if you’re not one of those people then I urge you to get down there sharpish before the plankton bloom get’s turned in order to check it out for yourself.

I’ll be back down there in June to immerse myself in more for sure.

Will Appleyard
Will Appleyard
Will Appleyard is a diver who has a passion for the waters of the UK and he communicates his enthusiasm through his photography and writing. His first book - "Discover UK Diving" has become a best seller and together with his second book - "Dorset Dives" has raised awareness to many dive sites off the south coast. Will also regularly contributes to DIVER magazine.

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