O’Three Underwater Treasure Hunt…

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O’Three Underwater Treasure Hunt…

The first O’Three Underwater Treasure Hunt took place over the weekend of 4th and 5th August as part of the Summer Clearance event. The prize winners netted a total of over £2000 worth of prizes.

Sean Webb, Director, O’Three said,

We wanted to come up with something that encouraged Great British diving and showcase what an amazing location Weymouth and Portland is for divers of all levels and qualifications. We have so many great dives in the area and a thriving support industry backing it up. The treasure hunt has been a great success, with some fantastic comments from those who took part. The atmosphere at Chesil cove was brilliant with loads of camaraderie and friendly rivalry over the competition to find the stones. With nearly 10m viz and the warm weather we couldn’t have asked for better conditions.

Some of our winner's stories...

Mike, Sally and Crew

Mike, Sally and crew were one of the first sets of divers down at the cove bright and early Saturday morning. Mike’s luck was definitely with him on Saturday, he managed to grab the Gold stone winning him an O’Three MSF 500 dry suit worth £950.

Unfortunately in the process of searching for the stone he lost his GoPro camera off the top of his main camera lighting rig. Fortunately, after landing on the beach with the prize stone, another diver surfaced with the camera rig and duly returned it to Mike, we hope he bought a lottery ticket on Saturday night, Lady Luck was smiling down on him over the weekend for sure.

Rachel and Graham

Rachel and Graham found the red stone number two on Saturday afternoon. Graham received an O’Three 3mm GBS wetsuit & accessories worth over £270.

Graham has been diving since the invention of scuba, and diving an O’Three since the company began 29 years ago.

Rachel is in her first year of diving with a maximum of 20 dives under her belt – a living legend and a newly qualified diver working as a great team to bag the booty.


Chris has been coming down to dive Chesil for the last four months whenever possible from London. Chis and Chloe came across a red stone on Saturday afternoon.

After they brought their stone in on Sunday to collect their prize of a £60 goody bag, they went diving again to try find the others!


Glen was snorkelling from the surface whilst his scuba gear was in for a service, when he saw an O’Three bag laying on the bottom.

Glen was able to duck dive down and free dive to retrieve his prize stone worth over £60, he didn’t even actually see the stone, he just saw the bag!

Rob and Matt

Rob and Matt left their home near Heathrow around 3:30am on Saturday morning in order to be ready to Dive Chesil beach first thing. They both found red stones, Rob found an un-numbered stone and received a goody bag worth over £60.

Matt found red stone number one and bagged an O’Three 65 semi-dry suit and accessories worth over £350. The stones were easily 250m apart.

This was Matt’s second dive after passing his open water course and he has been hiring / borrowing all of the kit he has been using. He now has a suit and accessories to keep him warm when U.K diving.

Dave looks after the graphic stuff at O'Three... excited by design and photography, he loves nothing better than working with Sean to make products and marketing materials look good. Diving since the age of 14 with BSAC and PADI he has dived some weird kit from a Siebe 6 Bolt to a WW2 'Clammy Death Suit'!

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