Coastal zoo and Aquarium

About Living Coasts

Living Coasts is an innovative coastal zoo and aquarium where you can take a journey around the coasts of the world and see amazing animals in naturalistic habitats. Not only is Living Coasts a unique and fun attraction; we are also a conservation and education charity and part of a group of zoos.

Living Coasts is the UK’s only coastal zoo which is home to a variety of marine species from around the world including seals, penguins, otters, and fish.

Through carefully designed enclosures we enable our visitors to see our animals both on land and underwater, making for memorable close up encounters and experiences.

As well as being a popular visitor attraction, Living Coasts is an education, scientific and conservation charity dedicated to protecting our global wildlife heritage and inspiring in people a respect for animals, plants and the environment. Our vision is: a world rich in wildlife and wild places.

As a good and responsible zoo, they are members of the British, European and World associations of zoos and aquariums and they have won numerous awards for their breeding and conservation work.

Living Coasts is part of the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust. Both are conservation, research and education charities dedicated to the protection of animals, plants and their environments, locally and internationally.

Living CoastsWildlife conservation is a concern across the globe. Species and their habitats face a number of threats such as pollution, competition from introduced species, the illegal wildlife trade, habitat destruction and climate change, many of which are related to over-exploitation of natural resources by people. Living Coasts and the Trust support many conservation projects around the world.

In addition, staff at Living Coasts play important roles in co-ordinated breeding programmes for endangered species conservation in line with the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) strategy. As part of this, Living Coasts collaborates with other zoos across the world, exchanging animals to prevent inbreeding and ensure that healthy genetic diversity is maintained.

Finally, every penny they make goes back into developing Living Coasts and our conservation work

Penguin Dive Experience

If you are looking for a truly unique diving experience or a very special gift – this might be for you.

Make memories that will last a lifetime at Living Coasts with our fully immersive animal encounter – diving with penguins!

Explore the underwater realm that is our penguin pool and marvel as our African and macaroni penguins dive and play around you. This is only encounter of its kind to be made available to the public in the UK!

You will be joined by our experienced Dive Supervisor and once in the water you will be in the company of some of nature’s best characters – you can even feed them their favourite fish!

YOU MUST HOLD A DIVING CERTIFICATE and be over 18 years old.