Mark Oliger, Colorado, US | Ri 2-100 review….

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Mark Oliger, Colorado, US | Ri 2-100 review….

Mark Oliger, Colorado, US | Ri 2-100 review feature
My New Ri 2-100 Review

I was able to get three dives with my new Ri 2-100 over the new year’s holiday. First of all, I love the suit. It is very comfortable!

The water was 46 to 50 degrees F, (8 to 10 degrees C). My dives were 45 to 75 minutes long.

The inner layers you recommended were perfect. I had to wear a little more weight than my old tri-lam suit. I wore 28 lbs instead of 24 lbs. However, I was noticeably warmer with the neoprene suit than with my old tri-lam and I think I was wearing comparable layers under the suit. The hood is by far the warmest hood I have ever used. The fleece socks that came with the suit I wore under smart wool socks and my feet were pretty warm throughout my dives.

I really liked the Kubi rings and gloves also. I did use a thicker inner glove though after my first dive as my hands were a little cool with the gloves that came with the suit. I may want a different outer glove if you have a suggestion for where I might look for that I would appreciate it. (The outer glove is a little snug and I’m a little concerned about cutting it also.)

I’m very happy with the latex seals on the wrists and neck. (Although the neck seal may be a little challenging to replace, if or when needed, because of the way it is layered under the neoprene flap.)

I was very impressed with all of the accessories that came with the suit, the bag, ground mat, maintenance accessories, etc. The manual is first rate. Everything about the suit is top quality. (This is my third dry suit and I’ve been thru three suits with my wife as well. I’ve been teaching scuba and drysuit diving for about 15 years so I have quite a lot of experience with a variety of dry suits.)

I would absolutely recommend O’Three suits to any serious drysuit divers. I have a friend who is in the process of ordering one now. I can’t wait to get it in the water again.







Dave looks after the graphic stuff at O'Three... excited by design and photography, he loves nothing better than working with Sean to make products and marketing materials look good. Diving since the age of 14 with BSAC and PADI he has dived some weird kit from a Siebe 6 Bolt to a WW2 'Clammy Death Suit'!

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