Great testimonial from Richie Kohler in the USA…

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March 3, 2017
Wrecks! pt1
March 30, 2017

Great testimonial from Richie Kohler in the USA…

Over the past 15 years the equipment on my back has evolved and changed…but not my dry-suit!

From the Andrea Doria to the HMHS Britannic, and hundreds of dives in between, my O’Three Drysuit has kept me comfortable and warm.

For the first time O’Three will be attending Beneath The Sea in NJ. USA.

Please drop by booth # 206 and say hello to Marcus and Sean and tell them Richie sent you!

Richie has explored and documented well-known shipwrecks such as the Andera Doria, RMS Titanic, and the HMHS Britannic, but it was the identification of the WWII German submarine, U-869, which catapulted his diving career into the world of television and underwater documentary filmmaking. That six-year effort has been the subject of several television documentaries and a best-selling book, Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. The New York Times bestseller is soon to be a major motion picture by 20th Century Fox. Alongside diving partner John Chatterton, Kohler co-hosted 57 episodes of the History Channel series, Deep Sea Detectives, multiple documentary specials and continues to work on underwater projects for the film and television industry.

Dave looks after the graphic stuff at O'Three... excited by design and photography, he loves nothing better than working with Sean to make products and marketing materials look good. Diving since the age of 14 with BSAC and PADI he has dived some weird kit from a Siebe 6 Bolt to a WW2 'Clammy Death Suit'!

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