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March 3, 2016
Want to ignore the rules? Then do this…
March 8, 2016

More good awards news…

Daragh Muldowney

More good awards news…..I’ve been shortlisted to the final 10 Landscape photographers in the FEP European Photographer of the year awards. Last year I entered a number of images from ‘Out of Thin Air’ and luckily I’ve made it to the finals. Awards ceremony takes place in Portugal on March 13th.

Daragh Muldowney
Daragh Muldowney
Daragh’s interest in photography originally developed while scuba diving in 1992, when he was awestruck by being under water and the sights he beheld. Life under the sea was like another world, where he made an instant and profound connection with nature. Aiming to capture nature’s finer detail and convey some of it’s abstract beauty, Daragh’s work is a gentle reminder for us to appreciate our beautiful planet.

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