O'Three 90 Ninety tri-lam

Go Anywhere

Light weight, low volume, high stretch Tri-Laminate Drysuit. From 90.0000oN to 90.0000oS.

Quick Change

Quick change neck and wrist systems.Never miss a dive because of a broken seal. Silicone, Latex and Neoprene compatible.

High Spec

KUBI Dryglove System and SI-TECH quick change neck seal system included as standard. Pivot Boot or Soft Sock available. Supplied complete and ready to dive.

Why 90Ninety?

We wanted to design a suit that could be used around the world, from 90.0000oN to 90.0000oS. Our NEW Tri-Lam is the ideal travel or expedition suit built to the same high standards you have come to expect from all O’Three suits.

Complete and ready to dive from £1795

A diving holiday, does not always mean luxury live-aboards and warm blue waters.

Many diving holidays are now mini expeditions to all corners of the globe. When we began to develop our ideas for the 90-Ninety, weight was top of our list.

We wanted a suit that would be the perfect travel companion where ever your diving adventures might take you, from 90.0000°N to 90.0000°S.

A fully spec’d Large 90-Ninety is hitting the scales at just over 4kg, with Soft Socks 3.7kg.

During the development period, we have reinforced key areas internally and externally and now the 90-Ninety will meet the demands of experienced Cave / Tech and Recreational divers alike.

There are a multitude of quick replace systems to choose from.  O’Three has incorporated into the 90-Ninety two of the very best quick replace systems available.  Si-Tech’s ‘QUICK’ neck ring and KUBI’s wrist / dry glove systems are both robust, uncomplicated and functional.

You’ll never miss a dive again because of a broken seal.

Both these systems will accommodate Neoprene, Latex and Silicone seals.

  • Material: High Stretch Rip-Stop Trilaminate.
    Manufactured by the world leader of these types of textiles.
    Cut on the bias to maximise stretch, not yield.
  • Construction: Proven methods in seam construction and waterproofing.
  • Tailoring: Cut on the bias to maximise stretch, not yield. Pre-bent arms.
  • Crutch / Armpits: Seamless in these all important areas.
  • Colour: Graphite.
  • Entry: Front Entry Full Telescopic Torso.
    Fully adjustable external crutch strap and internal braces.
  • Zip: YKK AquaSeal, protected by a no nonsense, no maintenance external cover.
    Lightweight / Flexible.
  • *Neck Seal: Si-Tech ‘QUICK’ fast replace ring.
  • *Wrist Seals: KUBI Cuff Side, with Neoprene protective cover.
  • *Dry Gloves: KUBI dry gloves, as standard.
    *Neck / Wrist systems: Never miss a dive because of a broken seal.
    Silicone, Latex, and Neoprene compatible.

    Suit can be worn with a wet or dry glove.
  • Valves: Apeks low profile Auto Dump (Choice of position), Swivel Inlet & Carbon Hose.
  • Boots: O’Three’s proven 4mm Neoprene Pivot Boot. Super warm and low profile contoured foot. Reinforced sole, toe and heel with a built in fin stop. Soft Sock option available.
  • Pocket: Zipped with built-in slate pocket, D-rings and bungee. Left Thigh.
  • Knee Pads: Anti-abrasion PU with impact absorbing 3D Polymer removeable inserts.
  • Reinforcement: Anti-abrasion PU to shoulders, elbow and seat.
Complete & ready to dive from £1795

Price for a limited time only

Your suit comes complete with the following

  • Quality suit bag
  • Changing Mat
  • Vented Semi-dry hood
  • Jollop wrist seal lube
  • Zip Tech Solid Zip Lubricant