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April 9, 2020
Covid-19 | Shop Re-Opening June 15th
May 28, 2020

Covid-19 | Phased re-opening

EDIT: The Recent Government Guidelines have detailed the 15th June for non-essential retail businesses to re-open.

Please note that where the article below states 1st June, as per the latest guidelines this will be 15th June 2020.

Our workshop remains open as it has throughout this period.

O’Three COVID 19 – Shop opening rules.

We want and all need business to return to normal.  We want to open our shop as soon as we are allowed.  The Government has said that for retail like ours, O’Three will be allowed to re-open on 1st June.

Thankfully, the impact of COVID 19 on Dorset has been minimal. As restrictions ease, as a business and as a bunch of friends and colleagues, we must continue to do all we can to keep it that way.

In accordance with the Government guidelines …, if you are planning a trip down for a suit fitting, please take a look at the following procedures we have put in place for yours and our teams safety.

We will be enforcing the 2m rule rigorously. In the past, due to the very nature of our business, it is not always possible to adhere to the 2m rule when carrying out, what can be at times a hot and sweaty suit fitting, we are sure you will understand this cannot continue in these trying times.

Please remember, O’Three’s very slick and easy “fitting in your own home” service has become more popular than ever during “lockdown” and is the best possible option while the country remains on “alert”.

Our shop remains listed as nonessential until 1st June, therefore remains closed.  Until that time, we still have a self-service suit drop off facility and you can still post in your suits for repairs.

After 1st June 2020

We never thought we would be saying this, but we have to try and minimise the amount of people in the shop at any one time.  To help us achieve this, if you are bringing a family member, please only bring one.  If required, this family member will be actively encouraged to help assist in your suit fitting.

Sorry to have to even mention this, but our toilet facilities will only be available to customers.

We pride ourselves on the instruction and guidance given to all our customers, but we will not be able to physically assist customers in and out of suits during this time.

If you are not physically able to do this on your own, or with the help of your family member, then please consider our fitting at home service.

Monday – 9:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday – 10:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday & Friday – 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday – 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday – Closed

Procedures in Place

1.  Dry / Wetsuit suit fittings by appointment only.
Please call in advance to arrange a time. We will be asking you for height and weight before we can 100% confirm whether a shop fitting or a home fitting is your best option. If your appointment is on a Saturday, we will do our very best to keep to your appointment time. But please be patient if we overrun.

Wherever possible, please bring your own under-suit and be prepared for your suit fitting before entering the shop. For example, wear clothing that allows you to put on your under suit or a wet suit without having to strip off.

For obvious reasons, O’Three Point Below Base “try on” under suits will not be available for suit fittings. However, if you are a fairly standard size, it should be easy to size your under suit choice. An incentive will be given to encourage you to purchase an under-suit at the same time.

2. PPE
A hand sanitising cleaning station will be available and all customers entering the shop must use it.
If you do not have one, disposable face masks will be available and you must wear one. We will be.

3.  Suits
Any item that you chose to try on, will be brand new where ever possible.  It will be the first time it has been tried on.  If this is not possible, a quarantine system has been put in place, where items will be isolated for at least 3 full days (72hrs).

A headache for us, but an indication as to how seriously we are taking our responsibilities in keeping all customers as safe as possible during this critical stage. All we ask is that you play your part in keeping our team as safe as we are trying to keep you.

4.  Payment
Card Only Payments please.







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