Jared Leisek - Adventures with Purpose
Hello! My name is Jared Leisek! (aka MrLeisek), I often joke that I can’t draw, so videography and storytelling is my creative outlet to share the beauty others may never otherwise get a chance to see.
I’ve filmed for HGTV, DIY Network, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, NatGEO, and currently the Field Producer/DP/Casting Director for Patty Mayo… the Largest Faux Reality Law Enforcement Show on
YouTube Boasting more than 6.2 Million Subscribers.
I’m a Scuba Diving, Treasure Hunting Activist for our Waterways Ecosystem.  Adventures with Purpose takes you along on lost underwater treasure hunts while cleaning up the environment in a comedic, vlogging style YouTube series.
We’ve Recovered 19 Cars, 6 Guns, 1 Drowning Victim, 87 Phones, 2 Boats, 43 Scooters, 38 Bikes, 14k Pounds of Garbage… and More Insane Finds!