Extreme Semi

Longer dives and the accessibility of cold water diving has meant that a 7mm hood is no longer seen as a one off – one time use purchase.

7mm for a hood, no longer means stiff and claustrophobic.

Whether it’s a fresh water quarry in the winter, or an expedition to the ice, this hood will insulate and protect in the most extreme of temperatures.

Extreme Semi Hood | £39.50


  • Thickness: 7mm with 5mm Glide Skin Yoke
  • Stitching: Glued and blind stitched.
  • Material: Super Supple neoprene, with super stretch fabrics.
  • Cut: Ergonomically shaped.
  • Seams: Flush soft seams internally.
  • Internal Material: Soft “Thermal Plush”
  • Seal: Contour hugging glide skin face seal.
  • Venting: Airprene vent to top of hood.