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Welcome to the homepage of this new OThree site. This new site is more product focused and it’s here where you will find our world class drysuits, wetsuits and accessories of the highest quality.

At O'Three, we’re extremely proud of our products and their quality. The immense popularity of our products is testament to both their excellence and our qualities as a leading UK manufacturer.  Neoprene innovation is what we do.

Who are O'Three?

OThree is nationally renowned manufacturer of drysuits, wetsuits and other excellent diving accessories.

We put neoprene innovation right at the top of our list of priorities and pride ourselves on our attention to detail, product knowledge and passion!

What Drysuits, Wetsuits and Diving Accessories do O'Three Offer?

Drysuits and Custom Drysuits

At O'Three, we are passionate about the fact that buying a drysuit should not be done by a simple click of a mouse; it is a purchase that needs to adhere to certain criteria before it is dispatched to you.

This is why we now offer an excellent “off the peg-made to fit” option in addition to our “made to measure” service, that enables you to buy a drysuit that fits you perfectly without the time delay that can occur when getting a “made to measure” drysuit.

The two main types of drysuit we offer are the MSF and Ri series.

These include:

  • MSF Flex: Moving on from the success of the Lycra 5 and the MSF500tb the flex version has all of its predecessor’s qualities and more. The 5mm neoprene has been laminated with our ‘multi stretch fibre’, MSF is one of the toughest most flexible materials available.  This combination has enabled O’Three to produce a durable suit without compromising comfort.  The 2.5mm Flex panelling which runs from the waist up into the bicep and forearm gives increased movement flexibility.  A custom drysuit, that is “off the peg-made to fit”.
  • The Ri 2100 has been specifically designed with the technical pers interest being paramount throughout its evolution.  It is a drysuit of world class quality and excellence.  As with the MSF500 range we offer the full “off the peg-made to fit” service. The Ri 2100 material has enabled O’Three to make world class technical diving drysuits.

Wetsuits and Semi Dry Suits

Yes, we’re well known for our market leading drysuits, but we have been making quality wetsuit and semi dry suits for just as long.

Whether you’re looking for a shortie wetsuit or kids wetsuit we have a full size range available from xxxsmall children to xxxlarge adults with all the ladies sizes in between.

We offer three main kinds of off the peg wetsuit:

  • 6x5 Semi Dry: With a 6mm thickness in the torso and legs and a 5mm thickness in the arms, this suit will keep you warm and dry for longer. It’s also incredibly stretchy and strong. By introducing a lumbar stretch panel, this suit will feel more comfortable when sitting and bending or whilst waiting for the skipper to get his act together.
  • 3mm One Piece: At 3mm, this wetsuits are for warmer weather and come in a large range of sizes.
  • 2MM Deepskin: These are designed to be worn under your main suit. The incredible design and material means that there is virtually no space at all between your body and the suit when you are wearing this. The 2mm Deepskin is perfect added protection and will help optimise your performance to the max!


At O'Three, as well as offering world class drysuits and wetsuits, we also offer a range of unbeatable diving accessories. Our diving gear is specifically designed to optimise and enhance your performance.

Our large and versatile selection of diving accessories includes:

  • Three Season Flex Hood: At 3mm, this flexible hood can be worn almost all year round, except in very cold weather. This works Hood works incredibly well with your wet or drysuit.
  • Jollop: This incredible wrist seal lubrication has been designed and manufactured by us and is a firm favourite! Keep your wrists from getting sore with our very own Jollop.
  • Dry Bags: Everyone needs a proper roll top dry bag that keeps rain away from your treasured items. We offer a range of sizes as well, so whatever your needs, you’ll find something to work with here at O'Three.
  • PBB:  We feel that internal thermal insulation for dry suits is one of the most misunderstood elements of dry suit diving.Our easy-to-understand Point Below Base layering system is a set of specifically designed garments that have been developed for our sport. They are technical, functional and easy to wear as well as being multifunctional and interchangeable to ensure you are the correct temperature when it matters the most.

How do I buy your custom wetsuits and diving accessories?

Once you have found the product for you, all you have to do is:

  • Click on the link that will take you through to our online shop
  • Add the item to the basket.
  • Once you have completed your shopdiving, you can view your basket.
  • Simply add your details and submit.

Delivery information can be found in our Customer Support page. We’ll do our very best to accommodate you, whatever your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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